Launch Day!!!

First of all, thank you for dropping in at the NeighborFaith Consultancy. It’s good—at long last—to have an official name for the constellation of services I've been providing for the past twenty years.

You’re reading the first edition of an occasional offering—part announcement forum; part blog. Since I’m writing on the eve of the launch of the new NeighborFaith Consultancy website, I’m using it to tell you about some activities I hope you’ll find interesting.

While prepping this website for our launch, here’s what else I’d been doing. I’ve been supervising my Hartford Seminary student in an online course called Theology of Religious Manyness. (We're in the “Hinduism” module.) I’ve just entered the last pre-publication stage for the next Building Bridges Seminar volume (entitled God’s Creativity and Human Action: Christian and Muslim Perspectives) just as I’m finishing up the contents of the book to follow it (on Monotheism and Its Complexities)—both of which I’ve co-edited with David Marshall. I’ve been advising a new initiative called the Evangelical-Muslim Engagement Project, working on a curriculum project for Omnia Institute for Contextual Leadership, and creating content for two Episcopal Church interfaith resources websites. If any of this has special interest for you, do drop me a line. I’ll be glad to share more details.

To wrap up the NeighborFaith Consultancy’s launch-day, I’ll attend Atlantic Institute Jacksonville’s annual awards and friendship banquet. I am glad to serve on the board of an interfaith organization dedicated to developing public awareness of diverse cultures, beliefs, traditions, and opinions in northeast Florida.

Again, thanks for your interest in the NeighborFaith Consultancy. By the end of March, you'll be able to subscribe with us and download your Welcome Gift. Meanwhile, be sure to check out links to some of my publications and online resources.